Fulham College Boys’ School Achieves Excellence!

There were jubilant scenes at Fulham College Boys’ School this morning following another year of glowing GCSE results.

Highlights include 62% of students achieving the threshold of 9-4 in English and Maths, 90% in Biology, 85% in Chemistry and 86% in English. Our school boasts a unique Construction pathway and once again, students have achieved a 100% pass rate, many of which are distinctions.

Of the total number of grades achieved, we are delighted that almost a quarter of these are grades 8 and 9. Given the challenges of the new 9-1 grading system, this level of achievement is outstanding and demonstrates the dedication and commitment to learning shared by students and staff.  

Sally Brooks, Head of School, is thrilled: “Best results ever, particularly as they are all academic GCSE subjects. The high number of 8 and 9 grades our boys have achieved has surpassed all expectations and we could not be happier for them”.

The boys were extremely pleased with their results and there was a buzz all around the building as they arrived feeling nervous and anticipatory. There were many shocked faces as the boys opened up their results, with many in disbelief at their success.

Outstanding individual performances include a clean sweep of top grades for Head Boy, Yosef Mechti. His results have enabled him to attend a top independent boarding school with a full scholarship.

Yosef commented: “I am very pleased with my results – Fulham College Boys’ School has supported me in achieving my goals as it provides an ethos where you can achieve anything you want”.

Reflecting on his time at Fulham College Boys’ School, Deputy Head Boy, Nemr Chaer, said: “My family has a proud tradition of excellent results at FCBS that spans many years and I am thrilled to now add to this. Although I have worked exceptionally hard, I cannot ignore the excellent platform that my school has provided me and the other students during our time here”.

This morning saw the boys at Fulham College taking another significant step towards bright futures, with some students going on to study medicine and law. Others have also secured places at excellent colleges and we are really pleased that many are enrolling at our very own Fulham Enterprise Studio. Here, students can study vocational courses and work alongside high-profile companies such as Mitie and Chelsea Football Club.

Where do our boys go?

Further education college or other further education provider


2016*: 37%

2017*: 25%

School sixth form

2015*: 66%

2016*: 51%

2017*: 68%

Other education destinations

2015*: 7%

2016*: 2%

2017*: 4%


2015*: 4%

2016*: 4%

2017*: 2%


2015*: 3%

2016*: 6%

2017*: 1%

*This data is based on the school's collection and tracking of students

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English – 76% 9-4

Maths - 63% 9-4

Biology - 90% 9-4

Chemistry - 85% 9-4

Physics - 78% 9-4

Spanish – 67% 9-4

RS – 64% 9-4

Construction – 100% 9-4

Geography 57% 9-4


Our Three Year Trend:


Progress 8 - 0.2

Attainment 8 - 45.07

Standard Pass in English and Maths - 58%

Achieving EBAC - 10%

Entered for EBAC - 17%


Progress 8 - -0.19

Attainment 8 - 44.5

Good Pass in English and Maths - 46%

Achieving EBAC - 10%

Entered for EBAC - 18%


Progress 8 - N/A

Attainment 8 - N/A

Good Pass in English and Maths - 56%

Achieving EBAC - 14%

Entered for EBAC - 16%