Progress Support

The school and specifically the Progress Support department, work with a range of other support services to ensure that all our students’ needs are met in and out of school.  

At Fulham College we have a diverse population, with a varied intake; able, vulnerable, SEND, EAL etc. Everyone is different and requires different types of support in order to make the best progress possible.  

We have a high number of students who do need extra support and we need to ensure that this support is as effective as possible.  Some students may need the support for a short period of time, some may need the support in the long term, which we provide. 
We honestly believe that every child, no matter what their starting point, is capable of outstanding progress.  Progress Support is for all, not just students with specific identified barriers to learning.     

For more detailed information please click here to read our latest Special Educational Needs School Information report (school offer).

Please click here to see the School Special Educational Needs policy