Journalism taster session

Journalism taster session


Last month, a group of boys were lucky enough to receive a tailored journalism taster session by Jessie Grace Mellor.

Jessie has 25 years’ experience as a national film journalist and entertainment writer. She began her career at the News of the World as the film editor and columnist, moving to the Daily Mirror where she then stayed for 11 years. She has contributed to highly regarded platforms such as Empire, Total Film, The Radio Times and The Huffington Post.

Now a senior tutor at the Press Association, Jessie came and gave our boys a real life insight into the world of journalism.


The first part of the day started with Jessie talking about her extensive career, how she got into journalism and what being a journalist entails.

The boys were then encouraged to take the information they had learned and to put this into practice with a reviewing task.

The students were asked to pick a restaurant, film, book or play that they had experienced recently and write a review about their experience of this. She encouraged the boys to choose something that they really like or “vehemently don’t like”.


After the boys had written their reviews, Jessie then did a one-to-one session with each student, highlighting what they had done well and where they could improve.

One Year 9 student said: “Today has made me think about maybe becoming a journalist. I love to write and be creative and I think this is a career I would enjoy.”

It was such an honour to have Jessie come to our school and it was clear our boys thoroughly enjoyed the workshop.