We all have a role to play keeping our borough safe., that’s why Hammersmith & Fulham Police have partnered with Nextdoor to provide you with immediate updates about crime and safety issues where you live. These include urgent alerts at times of emergency – and the ability to tell us what issues you think we should be tackling.

Through Nextdoor’s website and app, residents also share recommendations for traders, discuss safety and local issues, plan neighbourhood events, post things for sale and more. The more neighbours get to know one another, the more they can watch out for each other – and the safer our borough becomes.

At Hammersmith & Fulham Police, we’re asking you to join Nextdoor by going to www.nextdoor.co.uk or downloading the Nextdoor app.

Together, we can make Hammersmith & Fulham a safer place. 

Sergeant Sonja Morris

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