KS3 Basketball Champions


Our KS3 boys were back after a three week layoff since their last game in the borough championships.

As Phoenix academy weren’t able to play for a week, we were in an awkward situation whereby we had to play three matches in our latest round instead of the usual two.

Eager for the challenge with an insatiable appetite for the game, three games in a row didn’t faze the team who got stuck straight in.

Phoenix Academy v FCBS

A good quality, high tempo end to end game. Phoenix showed impressive technical ability using effective set moves proving worthy of their three game unbeaten streak.

However, FCBS is not a team to be trifled with! We defended with excellence and attacked with all the speed accuracy and vigour you would expect from any FCBS athlete. A very good game!!

Final score:

Phoenix Academy 16


West London Free School vs FCBS

After a 5 minute break from the Phoenix match, we were back to business!

The early realisation that WLFS were not quite as polished as Phoenix and Hammersmith Academy meant we could afford to practice energy saving methods by moving the ball quickly and sensibly. This reduced the need for any high energy manoeuvres, allowing us to successfully complete our objective and remain in reasonable condition ready for our third game of the evening.

A successful well executed exercise....well done!

Final score:



Burlington Danes Academy v FCBS

We had trouble – a very tall athletic BDA crew turned up to play us in our third and final match!

Due to the absence of their Year 8s, a full fresh legged Year 9 BDA squad was on offer. They were not an ideal team to meet after an hour of Basketball, but we were still good for the challenge.

A very tight, low scoring first half saw both teams tied going into the second half at 8-8.

A real positive team spirit and quick succession of points from FCBS started to take its toll on BDA as we opened a nine point lead with just five minutes left to play.

Determined not to be rolled over in their own backyard BDA fought tirelessly pulling back to a three point deficit before time.

Final score:

BDA 24


Well done FCBS – what a superb results! Playing third games back-to-back and coming out as the champions – we could not be prouder.