Copy of Classical Spectacular at the Royal Albert Hall

On Friday 16th March, a group of Year 7s were invited to attend the Classical Spectacular concert at the Royal Albert Hall. Students left school and headed for South Kensington, amid a buzz of excitement as to what the day would hold for us. We arrived just in time to enjoy a brief spell of glorious sunshine to accompany our picnic lunch in Hyde Park. On arrival at the Albert Hall with many other schools, students were escorted to their seats in the choir stalls right behind the stage! This gave us a fantastic view of not only the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra but the Albert Hall itself. Students were able to identify all the orchestral instruments they have been learning about in lessons, see them really close up and hear the difference in sound from each instrument and family of the orchestra.

Our musical journey began with Wagner’s Ride of the Valkyries, followed by many wonderful pieces of music from operas, ballets and symphonies from Tchaikovsky, Elgar, Puccini  and Ravel to name but a few. We were able to listen to professional opera singers guided by a wonderful conductor who told us all about each piece before it began. We were treated to an amazing light show for each piece including lasers and dry ice which really added to the experience.

The favourite part for most students was the final piece from Tchaikovsky, the 1812 Overture. Miss Bell had conveniently forgotten to warn students about the cannons and muskets which go off at various stages of the music so needless to say, a few students were a little startled!