For World Book Day the English team decided get our boys reading more. The short story at daily registration was a real success and lots of students were still talking about it today. Students really enjoyed the story and being read to, so it is something that we would like to build on in the future. 

In addition, Year 7 have taken part in book quizzes all week; winning certificates, book tokens and prizes.  Year 8 and Year 9 devoured a book buffet where they sampled an anonymous new book every 3 minutes and scored each one (a bit like book speed dating) and we tried to open their minds to books they might not usually pick up.

We still have some book cover drawing competition winners to announce in assembly once all of the entries are in but on the whole it has been a really successful week where students have had their minds opened to new books, stories and writing whilst being encouraged to embrace reading for fun.

We look forward to an even bigger and better WBD next year. 

Books are for life, not just for World Book Day!