H&F schools give students exceptional boost – it’s official!

Students at secondary schools in Hammersmith & Fulham make excellent progress – well above the national average, according to figures released by the government this week.

H&F schools collectively achieved a 17 point lead over the national average on the ‘Progress 8’ measure of students’ exam performance.

The ‘Progress 8’ measure gives schools a score based on how students’ exam results compare with their performance when they arrived at the school at age 11.

It’s seen as the best measure of the difference schools make to their pupils’ education. The standard measure of the number of GCSEs gained makes no allowance for some schools taking more able students than others.

Sacred Heart High School put in the best performance in the borough this year on the progress measure, at 100 points above the national average. Fulham Cross Girls’ School also did extremely well at 85 points above average.

Hurlingham Academy (+54) London Oratory (+54), Lady Margaret (+52), Fulham College Boys’(+20) and West London Free School (+3) also exceeded the national average score.

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