On Thursday 28th September the school celebrated National Poetry Day, an annual event which involves the celebration of poetry and all things poetical.

From students reading and writing poems in their English classes, to teachers musing over poems placed in their pigeon holes, every corner of the school was transformed in to a sight of poetic celebration. This poetic fervour also manifested itself inside the school library, where students were imaginatively rearranging words to create Blackout poetry during break-time.

We also held an inspiring poetry themed assembly, which consisted of members of the student leadership team reciting William Ernest Henley’s ‘Invictus’. Students were then informed of the profound effect the poem had on Nelson Mandela, who found solace in its message whilst serving his 27 year prison sentence.

Inspired and enthralled, students were then given the opportunity to participate in a poetry competition, which involved students writing  a poem that explored ideas of freedom. Ultimately it was a very difficult decision, but the winner of this competition was Abdulaahi Abdi in 9L, whose rousing poem offered a profound insight in to the history of freedom.