Year 7 workshop with Into University


Into University provides local learning centres where young people are inspired to achieve! Their specifically tailored programme demonstrates improved academic performance, improved chances of getting to University, and improved attitudes to learning.

This week, Into University visited the school in order to inspire and challenge our new Year 7 students.

The activity this week was “Choosing Success”. In each workshop, the boys were split into three groups and within these groups the students were given various tasks and activities to do. The tasks encouraged the boys to communicate, work together and raised their aspirations, whilst giving them insightful infomation on career choices.

Into University tracks the progress of their students after leaving school - and in 2016, 75% of students who had participated in their workshops had progressed onto University, in comparison to 39% of students at maintained schools nationally.

It was clear that the boys really enjoyed themselves and opened their eyes to the possibility of going on to study at University.

One very excited student said: “I think today was really important - it has taught us how to communicate and work together… I really want to go to University now.”

Another student said: “University sounds great! I’d like to go to University, get a good job an have a great future!”

It was great to see all our new students participating in all the activities today and seeing them all be so inspired, one of the Into University mentors said: “The communication of the students today was excellent, it was lovely to see them working so well together, we were very impressed with their behaviour.”