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Students across KS3 have been working on an exciting venture with the BBC where they have been researching, generating and recording their own news. Students have also been interviewing teachers in the school and even conducting Skype interviews with esteemed individuals from reputable companies such as UK Space Agency.

Please see the BBC News Report Section of our website where this has now been uploaded.

Latymer STEM Academy - March 2018

The students attending the Latymer STEM Academy have built their own robots from scratch, completed the Lego robot training missions and the extension work to a high standard, and are now attempting the far more challenging Space Missions.

Not only have the students from Fulham College Boys’ School been attentive, polite and engaged, but they have also worked with real enthusiasm.

Your students are a credit to your school and have been a pleasure to teach.

Dr Patrick Drumm, Latymer Upper School




It was a pleasure to take the pupils below to the Table Tennis World Cup reward trip at the Copper Box Arena in Stratford.

We watched some wonderful singles and doubles matches from the best players in the world.


We all have a role to play keeping our borough safe., that’s why Hammersmith & Fulham Police have partnered with Nextdoor to provide you with immediate updates about crime and safety issues where you live. These include urgent alerts at times of emergency – and the ability to tell us what issues you think we should be tackling.

Through Nextdoor’s website and app, residents also share recommendations for traders, discuss safety and local issues, plan neighbourhood events, post things for sale and more. The more neighbours get to know one another, the more they can watch out for each other – and the safer our borough becomes.

At Hammersmith & Fulham Police, we’re asking you to join Nextdoor by going to or downloading the Nextdoor app.

Together, we can make Hammersmith & Fulham a safer place. 

Sergeant Sonja Morris

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For World Book Day the English team decided get our boys reading more. The short story at daily registration was a real success and lots of students were still talking about it today. Students really enjoyed the story and being read to, so it is something that we would like to build on in the future. 

In addition, Year 7 have taken part in book quizzes all week; winning certificates, book tokens and prizes.  Year 8 and Year 9 devoured a book buffet where they sampled an anonymous new book every 3 minutes and scored each one (a bit like book speed dating) and we tried to open their minds to books they might not usually pick up.

We still have some book cover drawing competition winners to announce in assembly once all of the entries are in but on the whole it has been a really successful week where students have had their minds opened to new books, stories and writing whilst being encouraged to embrace reading for fun.

We look forward to an even bigger and better WBD next year. 

Books are for life, not just for World Book Day!

St Mary's University, Twickenham - Science Event

The Year 11 Triple Science GCSE pupils spent the day at St Mary's University on 31st January to complete their GCSE required practical session.

This practical session offered pupils the chance to complete some of the biology, chemistry and physics GCSE required practical activities that could be assessed in their GCSE science exams

The boys had a very enjoyable and productive day at St Mary's University covering elements of chemistry biology and physics, which all agreed would be useful for their upcoming GCSE exams.

"the trip was a 10/10"  "My favourite part was watching the daphnia under the microscope; it was fascinating to watch its heart beat"



A very proud moment last night at the Jack Petchey Award ceremony. Our boys and Nessir Emadi were fantastic!

An amazing performance from the Fulham Cross Girls’ School Glee Club was a great opener to the ceremony and great to see so many girls and the FES Sixth formers collecting awards too.


Congratulations to the year 8 athletics team who regained their Borough Indoor Athletics title at Hammersmith Academy yesterday evening.

The boys were outstanding in every department winning most of the individual events including the 1 lap and 2 lap relay.

Highlights were Markas in year 7 winning the standing jump with a jump of 2.36 metres and Isa on winning the triple jump with a leap of 6.46 metres.

The boys will now go onto  the regional finals at Harrow Leisure centre in February.

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Y8 Athletics 2018.jpg




Winter Fair 18 December 2017

The first school Winter Fair was a great success with all money raised being used by the School Council.  It started with a tea party for the residents of Lygon House, there was a concert, followed by food, craft making, competitions and tombola for the students and staff.



Year 7 students enjoyed a day out in London, exploring the city on foot through a range of exciting activities! It was an icy day but this did not deter our intrepid explorers who were keen to soak up the beautifully festive sights!


It was a real pleasure to take the 15 ACHIEVERS below to watch Fulham beat Birmingham 1-0 in their Championship league match at Craven Cottage.

Fulham were kind enough to give us some great seats at the front right next to the players tunnel.

Our boys were well behaved throughout and really enjoyed the experience.


15 boys were taken on a reward trip to the Hounslow army barracks.

They took part in some gruelling army exercises including the gun run. They also had the opportunity to compete in a shooting exercise which involved pupils from an army training college.

Harvey won the shooting event hitting 14 targets.

Effort, attitude and behaviour was fantastic from our boys throughout the day and the sergeant commented on how well behaved they were and how motivated they were in all the tasks.

Y7 FOOTBALL - FCBS V Phoenix Academy

Both teams went into the fixture in need of a win and FCBS emphatically took the result home.

From the first whistle to the last, FCBS were in complete control of the match.  The first half was all FCBS, controlling both possession and the shot count and racing to a 3 – 0 score line at half time. 

The onslaught continued in the second half, with the match finishing 6 – 0 and Phoenix academy failing to register a shot on target throughout the game. 

v Phoenix academy.jpg


Written by Y Mechti - Headboy

Since 1066, government in the United Kingdom has become more democratic and inclusive, slowly including a wider range of genders, ages and cultures in society.  Now, students in Fulham College Boys’ School have been getting involved.

William the Conqueror set up the first council of advisers for the king in 1066. However, the vast majority of the population did not have a say into how the country was run.

Although the first meeting of parliament happened in 1295, it was not until 1928 that all men and women over 21 were given the right to vote in a secret ballot.

Today, 18 year olds across the UK - and 16 year olds in Scotland - can vote in elections. The endless campaigning of groups, such as the Suffragettes, throughout History enabled more people than ever before to have their say in how the country is run.

This November, students from across the school embraced the opportunity to visit the House of Commons. They experienced how it has strengthened democracy, righteousness and liberty.

Participating in a discussion with a panel of decision makers, the boys got an insight into the life of MPs and gave their view on

Crucial issues affecting this country.

The speakers included: Ms. Bethany Ward (Chair of the UN Association of Young Professionals), Mr. Lloyd Russell-Moyle (Labour MP of Brighton Kemptown), and Councillor Frances Stainton (Conservative Lady Mayor of Hammersmith and Fulham from 2011-2014).

The aim of the event was to initiate a debate on the opportunities that young people have to engage in politics. The boys accepted the challenge.

Mr. Lloyd Russell-Moyle MP spoke about the challenges that prospective MPs face to get elected. In 2015, the MP came fourth, achieving only 10% of the vote in Lewes. This was double what Labour achieved in 2010. In 2017, he was moved to Brighton Kemptown and won the seat with 58% of the vote - 20% more than in 2015.

Becoming an MP is an uphill struggle. This does not end once you are elected. Close votes in Parliament; constant knocking on doors; calls from constituents and collecting support from other MPs are all parts of the job. There is always a fear that you will lose your seat.

The message was clear.

Politics is a passion: a channel for change; politics is not a stable career without eagerness.

This was clearly demonstrated by the boys at FCBS. Their questions on Brexit and the House of Lords triggered a debate between the party lines.

Labour MP Mr. Russell-Moyle criticised hereditary peers. They inherit the title of Lord. Whilst Conservative Councillor Frances Stainton defended the work that some members do, and their place in History.

The exchange continued over Britain’s status after leaving the EU. Mr. Russell-Moyle MP expressed concern over the removal of judicial oversight which he believed would lead to a relaxation of rights and liberties. Whilst Councillor Frances Stainton was hopeful of the trade that Britain could do outside of the EU.

Parliament has always been described as a 'broad church’ of political allegiances. This is something that the students got to see first-hand.

By the end of the day, under the portrait of the Lady Speaker Baroness Betty Boothroyd, the spark in the young adults’ eyes was clear to see. Events, like this, in the Houses of Parliament help to inspire engagement in politics. They provide a pathway for students to get involved.