It was a real pleasure to take the 15 ACHIEVERS below to watch Fulham beat Birmingham 1-0 in their Championship league match at Craven Cottage.

Fulham were kind enough to give us some great seats at the front right next to the players tunnel.

Our boys were well behaved throughout and really enjoyed the experience.


15 boys were taken on a reward trip to the Hounslow army barracks.

They took part in some gruelling army exercises including the gun run. They also had the opportunity to compete in a shooting exercise which involved pupils from an army training college.

Harvey won the shooting event hitting 14 targets.

Effort, attitude and behaviour was fantastic from our boys throughout the day and the sergeant commented on how well behaved they were and how motivated they were in all the tasks.

Y7 FOOTBALL - FCBS V Phoenix Academy

Both teams went into the fixture in need of a win and FCBS emphatically took the result home.

From the first whistle to the last, FCBS were in complete control of the match.  The first half was all FCBS, controlling both possession and the shot count and racing to a 3 – 0 score line at half time. 

The onslaught continued in the second half, with the match finishing 6 – 0 and Phoenix academy failing to register a shot on target throughout the game. 

v Phoenix academy.jpg


Written by Y Mechti - Headboy

Since 1066, government in the United Kingdom has become more democratic and inclusive, slowly including a wider range of genders, ages and cultures in society.  Now, students in Fulham College Boys’ School have been getting involved.

William the Conqueror set up the first council of advisers for the king in 1066. However, the vast majority of the population did not have a say into how the country was run.

Although the first meeting of parliament happened in 1295, it was not until 1928 that all men and women over 21 were given the right to vote in a secret ballot.

Today, 18 year olds across the UK - and 16 year olds in Scotland - can vote in elections. The endless campaigning of groups, such as the Suffragettes, throughout History enabled more people than ever before to have their say in how the country is run.

This November, students from across the school embraced the opportunity to visit the House of Commons. They experienced how it has strengthened democracy, righteousness and liberty.

Participating in a discussion with a panel of decision makers, the boys got an insight into the life of MPs and gave their view on

Crucial issues affecting this country.

The speakers included: Ms. Bethany Ward (Chair of the UN Association of Young Professionals), Mr. Lloyd Russell-Moyle (Labour MP of Brighton Kemptown), and Councillor Frances Stainton (Conservative Lady Mayor of Hammersmith and Fulham from 2011-2014).

The aim of the event was to initiate a debate on the opportunities that young people have to engage in politics. The boys accepted the challenge.

Mr. Lloyd Russell-Moyle MP spoke about the challenges that prospective MPs face to get elected. In 2015, the MP came fourth, achieving only 10% of the vote in Lewes. This was double what Labour achieved in 2010. In 2017, he was moved to Brighton Kemptown and won the seat with 58% of the vote - 20% more than in 2015.

Becoming an MP is an uphill struggle. This does not end once you are elected. Close votes in Parliament; constant knocking on doors; calls from constituents and collecting support from other MPs are all parts of the job. There is always a fear that you will lose your seat.

The message was clear.

Politics is a passion: a channel for change; politics is not a stable career without eagerness.

This was clearly demonstrated by the boys at FCBS. Their questions on Brexit and the House of Lords triggered a debate between the party lines.

Labour MP Mr. Russell-Moyle criticised hereditary peers. They inherit the title of Lord. Whilst Conservative Councillor Frances Stainton defended the work that some members do, and their place in History.

The exchange continued over Britain’s status after leaving the EU. Mr. Russell-Moyle MP expressed concern over the removal of judicial oversight which he believed would lead to a relaxation of rights and liberties. Whilst Councillor Frances Stainton was hopeful of the trade that Britain could do outside of the EU.

Parliament has always been described as a 'broad church’ of political allegiances. This is something that the students got to see first-hand.

By the end of the day, under the portrait of the Lady Speaker Baroness Betty Boothroyd, the spark in the young adults’ eyes was clear to see. Events, like this, in the Houses of Parliament help to inspire engagement in politics. They provide a pathway for students to get involved.


Congratulations to the rowing team on winning the Borough Rowing competition at Hurlingham Academy on Monday 27th November.

Year 7 rowed for 1 minute and 30 seconds, Year 8 and 9 rowed for 2 minutes and KS4 rowed for 3 minutes.

Pupils were given 5 points for winning their individual event, 3 points for second and 1 point for third place.

As well as winning the overall event we had some great individual wins:

Mahdi won the year 7 event.

Mohamed won the year 10 event.

We put Jakub up a year and he won the year 11 event.

Jack & the Beanstalk - Lyric Theatre

Lyric Jack & the Beanstalk 2.jpg

Year 7 students thoroughly enjoyed the Lyric Theatre’s panto production of ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’.  The dazzling stage and props, bright costumes, fantastic singing, lovely storytelling and of course, the fabulously talented cast ensured that all students were totally immersed in the performance! A huge thank you to the Lyric Theatre for having us!

Y7 Basketball

A fantastic effort by the year 7 basketball team and Rome brought a good set of results after playing four consecutive games without a break.

In game one v Hammersmith Academy year 7 held their own for the first half.  Challenging for every ball with Rome leading the team, the scores were close at half time.  The second half allowed Hammersmith to show their experience as they managed to pull away to a 14-3 win.

Game two v Hammersmith Academy year 7 allowed our boys to really turn on the style.  In control from the start, the match was never in doubt and  year 7 walked off with a 15-4 victory.

Game three v West London Free School year 7 took the lesson from the first game and really challenged for the match.  Again led by Rome, WLFS held a slender lead at half time but FCBS were by no means out of the game.  A tense second half resulted in a close 7-4 loss.

The final game v WLFS year 7 was a strong performance.  Completely outplaying WLFS, the score finished 8-2 as FCBS looked very comfortable on the ball and only conceded from the only shot at their hoop. 

All round a fantastic effort from the whole team, showing great ability and effort to make the school proud. 

Y7 Basketball 2017.png


Students from Fulham College Academy Trust laid a wreath and paid their respects at the War Memorial in Fulham Cemetery on Friday 10th November.


Congratulations to the Y9 football team with another sterling performance.

Currently Sitting top of the table, coupled with a healthy goal difference advantage FCBS march on after a well-deserved 5-2 victory against Chelsea Academy.

A powerful and relentless performance by FCBS proved a little too much to handle for Chelsea Academy despite a worthy and commendable effort on their behalf. FCBS defence was well disciplined and remained firm.  The midfield was controlled with composure from left to right, Jeffrey in the centre dictating and playing exceptionally well feeding Oliver 2 of his 3 goals taking his personal tally to 10 goals in 2 league games. Jeffrey also claimed a goal of his own in the second half, Marshal wrapping up the game with our 5th goal close to the end for a decent afternoon’s work.

H&F schools give students exceptional boost – it’s official!

Students at secondary schools in Hammersmith & Fulham make excellent progress – well above the national average, according to figures released by the government this week.

H&F schools collectively achieved a 17 point lead over the national average on the ‘Progress 8’ measure of students’ exam performance.

The ‘Progress 8’ measure gives schools a score based on how students’ exam results compare with their performance when they arrived at the school at age 11.

It’s seen as the best measure of the difference schools make to their pupils’ education. The standard measure of the number of GCSEs gained makes no allowance for some schools taking more able students than others.

Sacred Heart High School put in the best performance in the borough this year on the progress measure, at 100 points above the national average. Fulham Cross Girls’ School also did extremely well at 85 points above average.

Hurlingham Academy (+54) London Oratory (+54), Lady Margaret (+52), Fulham College Boys’(+20) and West London Free School (+3) also exceeded the national average score.

This is an extract from an article on the H&F Website - to read it in full click on the link below:

KS4 Basketball Success - 8/11/2017

FCBS Champions 2016/17.

Our KS4 team returned to the borough championship in the hope of regaining the title.

Game 1
A very highly polished performance from our squad.

Game 2
Hurlingham Academy 14

Despite playing a much taller and powerfully built team, FCBS proved that moving the ball swiftly and accurately with precision timing will always beat your opponents regardless of height and stature  

FCBS cruise through to the 3rd & 4th round.



KS4 Basketball.jpg

Y11 School League Football Championship

Congratulations to our Year 11 team with an inspiring victory in the 2017/18 Schools League Championship campaign.

I say inspiring due to the fact 5 key players were out of the starting 11 line up due to injury, illness and understandable examination preparation commitments. However, FCBS with strength and depth throughout our year groups made a bold, nevertheless positive change to our starting 11.
Eagerly accepting their opportunities at left back, Hosam Y9 was introduced to the team alongside Oliver Y9 playing Centre forward, given the small task of ‘filling the boots’ of leading scorer Liam  with Kai Y10 playing a major role in mid-field.
All 3 debutants played a near flawless match looking as though they play week in and week out with the Y11 squad.

West London Free School   0
Fulham College Boys           6

Off to a blistering flying start Oskar opened the scoring with a surging run and stylish finish within the initial 2 min of the match setting the standard.
Oliver found early success providing a gift of a goal to Yuusuf  shortly after.
A very busy and industrious Ollie proved a genuine headache for the WLFS defence for the entire game with well timed arched/slanted runs keeping himself onside, creating chaos and mayhem for the opposition.
Troy contributed twice before the half, the first waltzing his way through 2 players and neatly finishing, tucking the ball away to the keepers left.
The second a thunderous free kick from 20yds leaving a stranded goalkeeper.

With the game pretty much beyond reach of our opponents (4-0 at half time) we approached the second half with a play safe attitude, keeping the ball without any immediate eager moves to drive forward, we just needed to exercise patience and control.
Proving frustrating for WLFS and preying on any mistakes, Kai took advantage of a loose ball deep within WLFS's area driving home our 5th.
Anas's re-introduction to the team added his name to the score sheet late on to seal a well-deserved 6-0 victory.

Well played by all!!


Fulham College Boys School were proud to host International Evening on Thursday 19th October 2017.

We celebrated the wealth of cultural diversity within our school; it was an evening of entertainment and food. 

The event started off with entertainment provided by pupils past and present singing and playing instruments to a high standard.

The evening finished off with the Cultural Food Event which was held in the school canteen.  Everyone was able to sample a variety of delicious food from around the world. The food was prepared and generously donated by parents, carers and staff alike.


Jekyll and Hyde at the Ambassadors Theatre- October 2017

11th of October, 2017. The National Youth Theatre’s charismatic troupe welcomed a group of keen Year 11 students to the Ambassadors Theatre in Central London, as part of a planned trip by the English Department.

Along with a host of other groups from other schools, our students had the opportunity to enjoy a daring and rumbustious production of the Victorian classic Jekyll and Hyde.

The play itself, more an inspiration rather than a true adaptation, gave the students a closer look at the central motifs of Robert Louis Stevenson’s haunting tale, while also exposing them to the themes of female oppression and gender inequality.

In the end, our boys left the performance with a long-lasting impression, feeling both entertained and challenged.

J&H Trip.jpg