STEM Day at Sandhurst

On Friday 27th September, a group of Year 9 students attended the Sandhurst STEM Careers Fair.

Alongside the British Army, there were 52 other companies at the event - including BT, Microsoft, Fujitsu and Amazon.

The boys got to try and test an array of different experiments and gadgets, including Virtual Reality and trying to power a calculator using a lemon!

To make the day even better, HRH Princess Anne also attended the event!

The boys thoroughly enjoyed their day out and it has definitely piqued and even greater interest in STEM! Thank you to the British Army for having us.

Pupils Celebrate GCSE Success

fcbs main.jpg

There were scenes of joy at Fulham College Boys’ School as pupils opened their GCSE results envelopes on Thursday.

The biggest smile was on the face of Muessar El Fadl Al Shaweesh, who just turned 16. After joining the school, based in Kingwood Road at the end of Year 10, he was on the road to getting no GCSEs.

fcbs muessar.jpg

But with the support of staff at the school, Muessar went on to pass all his GCSEs. His impressive set of results included three grade 9s and two grade 8s.

“When I joined the school, I was failing in all my exams subjects,” explained Muessar. “With the help of my teachers I was able to get back on track and I’m absolutely delighted with my results.”


The Fulham College Boys' pupil will now go on to study A-level maths, further maths and history at St George’s Catholic School’s sixth form.

The hardwork and support of teachers at Fulham College Boys' has been awarded with an excellent set of results this year.

All smiles

More top grades popped out of the envelopes on the day after Rodin Akraminejad achieved the best results in the year with one 9, seven 8s and one 7.

fcbs fahim.jpg

“My teachers were super supportive from the moment I started studying for my GCSEs to the final moment before stepping into the exam hall,” said Rodin.

The 16-year-old will now head to the sixth form at Harris Westminster College to study maths, physics, chemistry and history.

All this was achieved at the Fulham school despite the huge government funding cuts all local schools are having to deal with.

“I’m delighted with all the hard work our students have put in this year with another set of great results,” said headteacher Sally Brooks.

“Despite the huge funding cuts we’ve had to deal with, our teachers have gone the extra mile, worked late after school and on weekends to give our students the best chance to succeed.”

British Museum - Manga Exhibition Trip

Mr Santos and Ms Maki took Year 10 GCSE Art students to the Manga exhibition at the British Museum yesterday.

Manga is a visual narrative art form that has become a multimedia global phenomenon, telling stories with themes from gender to adventure, in real or imagined worlds.

Immersive and playful, the exhibition explored manga’s global appeal and cultural crossover, showcasing original Japanese manga and its influence across the globe, from anime to ‘cosplay’ dressing up. This influential art form entertained, inspired and challenged us– and brought manga to life like never before.

Mr Santos said: “I thoroughly enjoyed the exhibition. The group behaved exemplary and made the school proud. I feel privileged to be their teacher.”

National Saturday Club Exhibition

The National Art & Design Saturday Club is a national initiative by the Sorrell Foundation aimed at giving young people aged 14-16 the unique opportunity to study art and design every Saturday morning at their local art and design college for free.

Over the last few months, four Year 10 students have given up their time to attend the Saturday Club at the V&A museum.

Over the 13 weeks, students learnt new creative skills, attended a masterclass with a high-profile artist and took part in an annual exhibition to celebrate their achievements.

On Saturday 15th we attended the annual exhibition – hosted at Somerset House. The boys all received a certificate to celebrate all their hard work and dedication and we all had the opportunity to admire their months of hard work, whilst looking at the other pieces of art submitted by the 32 other national clubs.

It was a great day out and was truly heart-warming to see the pure talent, dedication and commitment that our boys have given to this project – well done!

Remembering Grenfell

Friday 14th June marked two years since the fire at Grenfell Tower. Students visited Grenfell to pay tribute to the victims of the disaster.

The boys lay flowers down for the victims, in particular for Hamid Mohammed and Hanif Mohammed who were ex-students of Fulham College Boys’ School.

At school, we listened to a reading of the poem ‘For Whom the Bell Tolls’ across the tannoy followed by a whole-school 72 second silence to remember the 72 victims of the fire.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the families and friends of the victims.

Interview Training from Goldman Sachs

On Friday 14th June, over 20 employees from Goldman Sachs came into school to give interview training to our Year 10 students.

Goldman Sachs is a leading global investment banking, securities and investment management firm that provides a wide range of financial institutions, governments and individuals.

Each boy sat down with two employees of Goldman Sachs in an interview-style setting. The boys were giving tips on how to present themselves, enter a room and tips on making yourself stand out from the crowd.

The boys thoroughly enjoyed the day and it was clear the mock interviews really put them on their toes and made them think about how to conduct themselves going forward.  

London Teacher of the Year

Page 11 - Image 2.jpg

We are pleased to announce that our Associate Assistant Headteacher and Head of Year 7, Ms Naidoo, was Highly Commended for London Teacher of the Year by Inspire Schools.

 Inspire said: “We received more than 150 nominations, and the standard was exceptionally high, so although the member of staff has not been named as the winner, this is a positive endorsement of the value placed upon them and the good work of your school and community.”

Massive congratulations Ms Naidoo – it is thoroughly deserved!

Science Building Update

We are extremely pleased to see our new state-of-the-art Science building beginning to form and we can’t wait until January 2020 when we can see the finished project.

The steel frame is now erect and the staircases are now in place – for the first time, we can visualise the building and how it is going to look!

The concrete floor and roof slabs are being installed as we speak! In the next phase, scaffolding will go up around the building so we can start to build the internal and external walls.

Year 7 Rowing

Last week, our lovely Year 7 students braved the weather and headed on down to Fulham Reach Boat Club to try a spot of rowing!

The boys had a rowing training session and got experience of being on the water. Unfortunately, they were unable to out onto the water because of the conditions, but they did get to sit in the rowing boats whilst being taught different rowing techniques.

After their session on the boat, the students went into the gym and further develop the techniques they had been taught on the water.

They boys thoroughly enjoyed the day and it was lovely to see them so engrossed and captivated by rowing!

Year 10 Army Residential - Camping and STEM Day

Just before half term, 25 Year 10 boys embarked on a week-long trip at Longmoor Military Camp in Hampshire.

The trip, organised by the British Army, is aimed at giving students the opportunity to enhance their learning, meet serving soldiers, learn more about the army and experience what it is like within a Training Environment.

On the first day the boys learnt basic drill and completed an army assault course. One the second day. The boys were taught the basics of patrolling and how to survive out on the field.

On the third day the boys were to put their newly learnt skills to use with a night out in the field! The boys spent the day learning how to make a tent out of a poncho, putting on cam cream and preparing for a long night ahead.

Once dark, the boys used their patrolling skills and split off into three groups. We were all tasked with creeping up and spying on the enemy – listening out for intel, observing their behaviour and then reporting back to the commander after the operation.

The boys and staff had to walk quietly, watching their every footsteps – they even had to commando crawl to avoid being seen!

Once the operation was over, the boys reported their findings to the commander and then got to enjoy the evening sky. The starry sky in Hampshire was absolutely stunning and was a treat to see – especially as most of us live in the city.

The following day, the boys had to use a different skill set to complete the final task. They were split into teams of four and given a bag full of different objects – they had to use their engineering and mathematical skills to create a 1.5m free standing tower!

Once the boys had completed this task, they then had to partner up with another group and create a zip wire from one tower to another – the zip wire had to be sturdy enough to carry a bag with a water bottle in it.

It was a great activity and really pushed the boys to use their different skill set.

The whole week was fun, educational and gave the boys a real insight into life in the military. Thank you British Army for giving us this wonderful opportunity – we hope to be back next year!

Year 10 Army Residential - Patrolling and Skill Training

Just before half term, 25 Year 10 boys embarked on a week-long trip at Longmoor Military Camp in Hampshire.

The first day the boys spent learning basic drill and having a go on the army assault course.

On the second day, the boys were taught the basics of patrolling. Each boy and staff member were given a rubber replica rifle – an exact copy of what they use in the British Army.

The boys were taught how to walk in formation, give hand signals to each other, and hold their rifles correctly.

From staggered formation to arrow head, the boys practised team work and communication whilst perfecting these crucial skills.

Once the boys has grasped the different patrolling techniques, they were then taught how to survive out in the field.

The boys had sessions on eating and cooking whilst on an operation, how to conceal yourself using cam cream and foliage and how to develop their observation skills.

The boys were taught what to look out for when on an operation in order to spot the enemy. They were told to look out for the “Seven S’s of Concealment”:

  1. Silhouette

  2. Shadow

  3. Shine

  4. Shape

  5. Spacing

  6. Sound

  7. Skyline

Year 7 Plate Final Champions

Year 7 Football.jpg

Two weeks ago our Year 7s competed against West London Free School in the Plate Final!

In the first half, there were few chances for either team.

FCBS came closest to breaking the deadlock with a lobbed finish by Jamal Bangura which hit the post. Tasharn Jobe was linking up the play effectively and Jamal Bangura was using his pace down the wings to trouble the full-backs.

The second half continued to be a cagey affair until a pass out of defence by Brian was intercepted by the opposition and crossed into their centre forward who slotted the ball into the bottom corner of the goal.

FCBS showed great character, as the team pushed forward for the equaliser. Leo Morris started to make forward runs as we pressed for the equaliser. Tasharn Jobe continued to be a threat with his skilful runs, but we were unable to breakdown the solid West London Free Schools defence.

In the last minute a hopeful ball was chased down by Zachery who was awarded a free kick. Leo Morris took the resulting free kick and found Jamal Bangura who smartly headed into the goal for a well-deserved equaliser.

As the referee blew the whistle for full-time we knew this meant penalties to decide the final. The first penalty by WLFS sailed over the bar. Tasharn Jobe was next and he powerfully slotted the ball into the top corner giving the goal keeper no chance. Brian then made a fantastic one handed save from the WLFS second penalty, which meant FCBS needed to score the next penalty to be crowned champions.

Leo Morris stepped up and calmly side footed the ball into the bottom corner giving the WLFS goalkeeper no chance. This led to jubilant scenes on the football pitch as the players celebrated their victory.

It must be noted that the year 7’s lost their first two games of the season, but won the following six games to reach the Plate final. A fantastic achievement.

Free school meals from January 2020!

Picture 2.JPG

Hammersmith & Fulham Council is declaring war on food poverty by launching two major schemes to feed pupils at local schools.

The free school lunches will start in January 2020 and we are pleased to announce we are one of two schools in the Borough that have been selected for the four-year pilot programme - meaning all our students, regardless of their background, will receive a free lunch every day.

The scheme will be paid for entirely by community contributions won by the council taking a tough approach in negotiations with property developers.

“It’s appalling that children are still going to school hungry in one of the world’s wealthiest capitals,” said Cllr Stephen Cowan, Leader of the London Borough of Hammersmith & Fulham. “We must put an end to that. Our schools are now the frontline in our war against hunger.”

Headteacher, Ms Brooks, said: “The impact of free school lunches for our students – especially those who are disadvantaged – will be immeasurable.

“Providing the boys with a nutritious meal will not only allow them to compete in an academic environment, but will also give them the nutrition needed to go above and beyond what is required of them at school and actively participate in extra-curricular activities.”

Year 10 Army Residential – Drill and Assault Course

Just before half term, 25 Year 10 boys embarked on a week-long trip at Longmoor Military Camp in Hampshire.

The trip, organised by the British Army, is aimed at giving students the opportunity to enhance their learning, meet serving soldiers, learn more about the army and experience what it is like within a Training Environment.

When we arrived on the Monday, boys were given kit for the week – including full attire, webbing, boots, bags, water bottles and mess tins.

After the boys got themselves suited and booted they were taken to the parade square where they were taught the basics of Drill.

After a gruelling session, the boys had some down time before having their first taste of Army food!

The next day, we were woken at 6am by the soldiers who told us to head on down to breakfast and then prepare ourselves for a morning on the assault course.

The boys were put through their paces as they were trained by an Army Personal Trainer. The boys had to learn how to jump over fences, six-foot walls and deep trenches and how to climb up high ropes and slide down a rope safely.

It was an amazing challenge for all the boys and we are so proud at the sheer amount of teamwork. Any student who struggled at an obstacle was met with cheers and encouragement from the other boys – giving them the perseverance to tackle it again!

This resulted in every single boy completing the full obstacle course! Well done.

Open Minds Project

This year we have been taking part in a project with a group of student from Queensmill, Fulham Cross and Fulham College Boys called ‘Open Minds’.

The project includes art, drama, music, media and science all about the brain and mental health. We have enjoyed a number of half day sessions in Fulham and two full day sessions at the University of East London.

Our favourite parts so far have been making a brain out of giant pipes and crawling through it using torches as neurons, jumping around an art installation made of glow-in-the-dark bungie ropes and making our own radio show in a real recording studio! We have learned a lot about how our brain works, where our emotions come from and how to help your mental health.

In July, we will be presenting what we have learned to a whole panel of experts in front of a big audience- wish us luck!

British Army STEM Day at BT Tower

FCBS BT Tower.jpg

On the 17th May, Year 7 and 8 students went on an IT and Communications STEM day at the BT Tower - provided by the British Army working in partnership with BT.

The event was delivered effectively by soldiers from the Royal Signals, demonstrating a wide variety of equipment and skills used in modern digital communications in the 21st century.  BT also delivered some of the activities alongside the Royal Signals and demonstrated how military and civilian digital communications systems are interoperable. 

Students really enjoyed the various activities including code breaking and playing with security equipment used to detect mobile phones and other devices. The highlight was going up to one of the highest floors in the Tower and seeing the 360 degree spectacular view of London,

The students really enjoyed programming a robot to do an assault course and they loved the goodie bags at the end!

ACHIEVE Talk with Captain Lou Rudd

Yesterday, we were honoured to welcome Captain Lou Rudd into school to give an ACHIEVE talk to our Year 10 students.

In December 2018, Captain Rudd became the first ever Briton to trek unaided across Antarctica - he finished his gruelling 925-mile journey in 56 days. Captain Rudd becomes only the second person in history to complete the expedition without any assistance.

The boys listened in awe as they heard about all the amazing tales and the gruesome 2-year training schedule!

At the end of the inspiring talk the boys had an opportunity to ask the Captain questions and he was inundated with so many questions about his time and experience - the boys could have spoken to him for hours.

It was truly an honour to welcome him to our school - his expedition inspired both staff and students.

Raintree Funding Received

The Raintree Match Funding Scheme is a new initiative that was established just this year to help support children to develop a real love of reading.

We are pleased to announce that Fulham College Boys’ application for the funding has been approved! This means we will receive a pound-for-pound match on all our orders! Allowing us to purchase fantastic books and resources for our boys.

Thank you to Ms Moshfegh for your efforts in securing this for us!

Sutton Trust Summer School


We are pleased to announce that ex-student, Nemr, has been accepted onto the Sutton Trust Summer School programme!

Nemr will be completing the Law Course with University College London during the Summer holidays!

The Summer School offers subject-specific courses held at 13 leading universities. There are over 40 different subjects on offer from Anthropology to Veterinary Medicine.

This allows sixth form students to experience university life, explore academic study and receive support with their UCAS application. It also gives them the opportunity to meet like-minded students from across the UK and engage with current undergraduates.

Students at the Summer School will be able to attend taster lectures and workshops delivered by academics and build their knowledge in a subject area they’re interested in exploring at university

This is such an amazing achievement and we couldn't be prouder of you Nemr - well done!