Year 8 Football Results!

Year 8 team 2018 19.JPG

ARK Burlington Danes 2 – Fulham College Boys’ School 2

A tense first match brought a tense first point of the season for FCBS. Some very smart play around the BDA penalty area allowed Tyrell to break free and slot the ball past the keeper to make it 1 - 0 in the first half. As both teams traded chances, it was BDA who took theirs, scoring two goals in quick succession to take a 2-1 lead and leave FCBS shell shocked. With BDA on top, a quick counter attack allowed Tyrell to double his tally and make it 2-2 before half time. Despite lots of chances in the second half, both defences held out and the game finished 2-2.

Goal scorer(s) - Tyrell Noel-White

Man of the match - Tyrell Noel-White

Hammersmith Academy 1 – Fulham College Boys’ School 2

FCBS started the game very strong, creating chance after chance but, unfortunately, not being able to take any of them. Mid way through the first half and with their only chance of the game, Hammersmith Academy took a shock 1-0 lead. After the game restarted, FCBS continued their push for the equaliser and spent the rest of the half camped inside the Hammersmith area. A shot by Alex, with a big touch from the goalkeeper, made it 1-1. As FCBS continued, a good finish from Brooklyn brought the winner.

Goal scorer(s) - Alex Sunderland, Brooklyn Caicedo

Man of the match - Tyrese Balde

Table Tennis KS3 Borough Champions!


Last week, our KS3 Table Tennis Team put on a blistering performance, beating ARK Burlington Danes Academy and Hurlingham Academy.

The competition was played in a round robin format with players ranked 1-6 based on ability. We beat ARK Burlington 5-1 and Hurlingham 5-1 to be crowned KS3 Borough Champions 2018 once again - proudly retaining our title from last year.

Our team now moves on to play in the regional finals in the new year.


The squad comprised of the following players:

Year 7:

  • Rikki Kapoor

Year 8:

  • Dion Ebora

  • Abdulhakim Amtouti

  • Ossama Bouazza

  • Dior Roberts

  • Chidi Ike

  • Keiven Pasco

Year 9:

  • AJ De Torres

  • Elais Abek

We are extremely proud of our boys and wish them every luck in the regional finals!

Journalism taster session

Journalism taster session


Last month, a group of boys were lucky enough to receive a tailored journalism taster session by Jessie Grace Mellor.

Jessie has 25 years’ experience as a national film journalist and entertainment writer. She began her career at the News of the World as the film editor and columnist, moving to the Daily Mirror where she then stayed for 11 years. She has contributed to highly regarded platforms such as Empire, Total Film, The Radio Times and The Huffington Post.

Now a senior tutor at the Press Association, Jessie came and gave our boys a real life insight into the world of journalism.


The first part of the day started with Jessie talking about her extensive career, how she got into journalism and what being a journalist entails.

The boys were then encouraged to take the information they had learned and to put this into practice with a reviewing task.

The students were asked to pick a restaurant, film, book or play that they had experienced recently and write a review about their experience of this. She encouraged the boys to choose something that they really like or “vehemently don’t like”.


After the boys had written their reviews, Jessie then did a one-to-one session with each student, highlighting what they had done well and where they could improve.

One Year 9 student said: “Today has made me think about maybe becoming a journalist. I love to write and be creative and I think this is a career I would enjoy.”

It was such an honour to have Jessie come to our school and it was clear our boys thoroughly enjoyed the workshop.

Bank of England come to FCBS


In October, Linda O’Toole from the Bank of England visited the school to talk to the boys about what they do and what career opportunities are available.

Linda talked about her career and how she came to work as a Senior Legal Counsel at the Bank of England.

The boys were quizzed on various trivia to do with the bank, such as “Who is the current Governor?” and “Who was the first monarch to appear on the Bank of England note?”.

Linda explained to the students what the Bank of England actually does – from printing banknotes, to storing gold, to maintaining the value of the pound.

The boys were amazed at the different career opportunities that are available to them and it was clear that the inspirational talk by Linda had ignited a passion for finance and a few of the boys.

It was such a pleasure to have Linda visit the school, her impressive resume, alongside her passion for the Bank of England was an honour to witness.

International Evening 2018

Thank you to all students, staff and parents who contributed to another successful International Evening!

Our International Evenings are the highlight of the academic year – and this year was better than ever.

We celebrated the wealth of cultural diversity within our school; it was an evening of entertainment and culinary delights from around the globe.

The evening started off with our piano solos from Head Boy, Yonotan, Alfie and Stephan and guitar solos from Patrick and Alen. Following on was a performance from our Year 10 band, ex-students and poetry recitals by our Year 7s.

Last, but by no means least, was a performance by our very own staff band! The rendition of Johnny B. Goode got everyone singing and jiving along.

All the performances were truly spectacular and it was heart-warming to see how hard each boy had worked at preparing their pieces. It was also a pleasure to see guests from Lygon House attend the event!

The evening finished off with our Cultural Food Event which was held in the school canteen. Everyone was able to sample a variety of delicious foods from around the world. The wonderful food was prepared and generously donated by parents and carers and the staff enjoyed serving it to all our guests.

One parent said: “I’d like to congratulate the school for a wonderful and cheering party yesterday. I thought the children were amazing, so polite and welcoming and talented.”

Jacksonville Jaguars vs Philadelphia Eagles


On Sunday, students and staff from Fulham Cross, Fulham College and our Enterprise Studio went to Wembley Stadium to watch an NFL match.

A record-breaking 85,870 fans turned up to watch the Philadelphia Eagles play the Jacksonville Jaguars.

The atmosphere in the stadium was magnificent and it was a great experience for all our staff and students, especially as for some, this was their first experience of an NFL game.


Every Wednesday, students from Fulham Cross, Fulham College and the Enterprise Studio play Jag Tag – a game created by the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Jag Tag is a simplified tag version of American Football and taught by professionals from the Jacksonville Jaguars – it encourages players to work tactically and as a team.

Tickets to the NFL game were awarded to students who have shown dedication to Jag Tag by attending and getting involved in all the sessions.


The students were extremely well behaved and fully immersed themselves into the NFL culture and game! To top it all off, graduates from our Enterprise Studio Tasnim and Eryk, received a congratulatory applause from all the spectators for winning the Jaguars UK and LGTVestra US Gridiron Grant earlier this year. The award means that neither of them have to pay for their university fees for the next three years!

Although we were disappointed to see the Jaguars lose the match we still had a thrilling day out.

Don’t forget, Jag Tag is on every Wednesday 3-5pm at Fulham College Boys’ School Astro turf.

Famous Dr Alex comes to Fulham College Boys’ School


On 10th October, in honour of World Mental Health Day, Dr Alex – famous for being a contestant on Love Island – visited the school to talk about the importance of mental health.

Boys from every year group were invited to sit down with the Doctor and listen to advice and tips on how to look after and maintain positive mental well being.

The day consisted of a presentation by Dr Alex which aimed to break down the stigma attached to young boys and the importance of looking after their mental well being.


Dr Alex told the boys to always “Ask twice” – if they know someone is suffering, or is maybe not acting their usual self, then they should always make sure they check in twice with their friend to see how they are getting on.

The boys got the opportunity to ask the Doctor any mental health related questions. The boys asked questions such as “Can there be different triggers for mental health illnesses?” and “Will there ever be cure?”.

Taking on board the information given to them, the boys then worked together to come up with new and inventive ideas that could be implemented within the school to ensure a whole school community ethos towards positive mental health.

Ideas such as “spotting the signs” posters to having mental health ambassadors in the school were all debated and discussions were had on how to implement these ideas within the school.

With the help of Dr Alex, the boys were able to come up with different strategies to ensure the valuable information they learned within the session could be embedded within school life.


It was a fantastic event which got the boys talking about a previously taboo topic.

Andy, a Year 10 student, said: “Today I learnt that mental health is just as important as physical health and that we should all take some time out during the day to focus on our mental well being, just like we do physically.”

Head Teacher, Sally Brooks, said: “It has been such a pleasure welcoming Dr Alex to Fulham College, especially on such an important day. At the school, we ensure our robust pastoral system and support from the staff breaks down the stigma attached to young boys and mental health and we are so pleased that a famous face could come and talk to the boys and reinforce our positive mental health ethos.

“It has been a thoroughly enjoyable day and the boys have clearly enjoyed themselves.”

Chelsea FC Scholars Launch!


Last Friday, players from Chelsea Football Club U17s, as part of the Chelsea Foundation Programme, visited Fulham College Boys’ School to give students a talk on healthy living and the benefits of exercise.

The boys looked in awe as the scholars stood before them dressed in their official kit. The theme of the session was “Stay fit, stay healthy”.

For the theoretical part of the session, the boys were split into three teams and worked alongside the Chelsea players – gaining insight into the healthy lifestyles and food choices that they make.


The boys then had to use this knowledge and pretend they were an elite chef planning meals for a player – using the insight gained to plan the following meals:

·         Before a training session

·         Before a match

·         Recover after a match

The players assisted the boys in talking about the different food groups, and what the body needs for fuel, energy and recovery. The students used this opportunity to ask the players different questions, such as “How often do you train?” and “You must be so happy to be a professional player - how did you get there?”.


After the theoretical workshop, the practical then began - the part of the day that the boys had all been waiting for! They went onto the pitch and played alongside the scholars, developing their knowledge further by discussing fitness and exercise.

Alex, a Year 8 student, said: “We have had such good fun. We have learnt a lot about food and I feel very lucky to be here today.”

The excitement was palpable as the boys began their warm up session with the players and then played a match!

There were shrieks of excitement as one of the boys managed to score a goal against one of the players, who we later found out was actually the goalie!

Troy, a Year 9 student, said: “Today has been great – I can’t believe we actually met the Chelsea players and then got to play football with them!”


The Chelsea Football Club Foundation programme is currently available in three London schools – with Fulham College Boys’ being one of them. Set up in January 2018, the programme is designed to develop resilience and emotional wellbeing in students.

Foundation programme mentor, Ashley Watson, works full time at Fulham College and Fulham Cross Girls’ School and uses the power of football to excite and motivate learners of all ages.

Ashley said: “The scholars launch was a fantastic day for the students. They gained insight about the diet of an elite athlete through healthy lifestyle workshops and activities. This led onto an outdoor practical activity which allowed the students to showcase their talents and build more of a rapport with the scholars. The students seemed to be inspired by young relatable athletes and they were extremely thankful for the opportunity.

“Overall the event was undeniably meaningful for the students as they received valuable information about healthy lifestyles and fitness which will positive impact their energy, concentration levels and overall lifestyle.”


Jag Tag taster session!

jag tag taster.jpg

During lunch time today, students from all Year groups had a Jag Tag taster session on the astro turf!

Jag Tag is a simplified tag version of American Football suitable for all abilities, it encourages players to work tactically and as a team. Students learn key basic techniques of throwing, catching, evading and defending.

Jag Tag is taught by professionals from the NFL Jacksonville Jaguars, and is available to all our students on a Wednesday after school.

Year 12 student Jake said: “This was such a great session. Jag Tag requires different tactics - it’s not just physical. The way we play means you have to continuously think three steps ahead. It is physically and mentally challenging - I love playing it.”

Year 7 workshop with Into University


Into University provides local learning centres where young people are inspired to achieve! Their specifically tailored programme demonstrates improved academic performance, improved chances of getting to University, and improved attitudes to learning.

This week, Into University visited the school in order to inspire and challenge our new Year 7 students.

The activity this week was “Choosing Success”. In each workshop, the boys were split into three groups and within these groups the students were given various tasks and activities to do. The tasks encouraged the boys to communicate, work together and raised their aspirations, whilst giving them insightful infomation on career choices.

Into University tracks the progress of their students after leaving school - and in 2016, 75% of students who had participated in their workshops had progressed onto University, in comparison to 39% of students at maintained schools nationally.

It was clear that the boys really enjoyed themselves and opened their eyes to the possibility of going on to study at University.

One very excited student said: “I think today was really important - it has taught us how to communicate and work together… I really want to go to University now.”

Another student said: “University sounds great! I’d like to go to University, get a good job an have a great future!”

It was great to see all our new students participating in all the activities today and seeing them all be so inspired, one of the Into University mentors said: “The communication of the students today was excellent, it was lovely to see them working so well together, we were very impressed with their behaviour.”

Glowing GCSE Results!


There were jubilant scenes last week as our Year 11 leavers came into school to collect their GCSE results. The boys were extremely pleased with their results and there was a buzz all around the building. There were many shocked faces as the boys opened up their envelopes, with many in disbelief at their success.

Sally Brooks, Head of School, was absolutely thrilled with the results last Thursday, and said: "Best results ever, particularly as they are all academic GCSE subjects. The high number of 8 and 9 grades our boys have achieved has surpassed all expectations and we could not be happier for them".



Outstanding individual performances include a clean sweep of top grades for Head Boy, Yosef Mechti - his results have enabled him to attend a top independent boarding school with a full scholarship.

Brimming from ear to ear, Yosef said: "I am very pleased with my results — Fulham College Boys' School has supported me in achieving my goals as it provides an ethos where you can achieve anything you want."

Reflecting fondly at his time at FCBS, Deputy Head Boy, Nemr Chaer, said: "My family has a proud tradition of excellent results at FCBS that spans many years and I am thrilled to now add to this. Although I have worked exceptionally hard, I cannot ignore the excellent platform that my school has provided me and the other students during our time here".

Last Thursday morning saw our students taking another significant step towards bright futures, with some students going on to study medicine and law. Others have secured places at excellent colleges and we are really pleased that many are enrolling at our very own Fulham Enterprise Studio. Here, students can study vocational courses and work alongside high-profile companies such as Mitie and Chelsea Football Club.


On Thursday 9th July students from FCAT journeyed to Westway Sports & Fitness Centre to take part in an event hosted by Fulham Enterprise Studio’s partner The Jacksonville Jaguars. 

Students spent the morning learning and practicing Jag Tag drills (non-contact American Football)  alongside one of their star players Leonard Fournette, running back for the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Students had the rare opportunity to ask Mr Fournette questions about the game and life as an NFL player.  They were also able to run a few drills with the star running back.  The students had a blast!

Thank you to all the team at Jaguars UK for providing such an amazing opportunity.

The event was filmed for an NFL documentary, so watch this space for the link to the footage!

The Studio will be continuing their partnership with the Jaguars in September by offering students across the Trust an opportunity to take part in the free after school sessions. 

Jack Petchey Reward Trip

On Wednesday 27th June, 16 pupils in year 10 went to watch Jurassic Park and eat lunch as part of a Jack Petchey trip.

The boys were very appreciative of the opportunity. It was an enjoyable afternoon.

Y9 Rowing on the Thames

9F had a very nice day at the Fulham Reach Boat Club.  The boys had a rowing taster session on the river Thames which they really enjoyed.

Lawn Tennis Association Tennis Festival

The Lawn Tennis Association kindly invited our pupils to a tennis festival at Normand Park in Fulham.

Pupils were put through their paces by coaches from Virgin Active Gym who were really impressed by our boys" tennis skills. 

Chidi, Adam, Daniel and Vasile were some of the stand out performers on the day.

There was also a surprise visit from world number 1 doubles player Nicolas Mahut who won the French Open earlier this month with his partner Pierre-Hughes Herbert.