Fulham College Boys' School Home School Agreement

When signing the Home-School Agreement on joining Fulham College Boys’ School, we agreed to work together to get the best from everyone. Unfortunately you are now at a stage where close monitoring and intervention will decide your future at the school. The following four week monitoring period evokes the ACHIEVE charter.
By signing this we are agreeing to the following:

You Can download the full Home School Agreement here: FCBS Home School Contract

A I will complete every learning task to the best of my ability.
I will aim to complete challenge activities to get the best possible levels.
We will ensure your learning meets your needs.
We will challenge you to reach above and beyond your potential.
I will look at my son’s work every day and talk to him about his learning.
C I will aim for VIVO rewards and ACHIEVE cards.
I will celebrate the ACHIEVEments of myself and others in my class.
We will celebrate and recognise your ACHIEVEments using VIVO and ACHIEVE cards.
We will call home to celebrate exceptional effort and progress.
I will celebrate my son’s ACHIEVEment and display ACHIEVE cards where possible.
H I will ask my teacher to support me if I do not understand the work.
I will ask my teacher to challenge me if I find the work given ‘comfortable’.
We will support / challenge you in your learning.
We will check and report on homework to ensure progress is at least good.
I will support my son with homework activities.
I I will be a positive and active participant in all my lessons.
I will lead learning and be a positive role model for others.
We will create opportunities for your son to lead and have responsibility.
We will ensure appropriate support is provided to aid success.
I will create opportunities at home for my son to lead and have appropriate responsibility.
E I will attend at least two enrichment activities each week.
I will arrive to lessons on time and be prepared for learning.
We will plan lessons to meet your learning needs.
We will ensure you are reading by providing access to a tailored reading programme.
I will communicate with my son’s teacher if he needs further support and encourage reading at home.
V I will set a positive example to and from school.
I will encourage my peers to be ambassadors for the school.
We will ensure that school standards are high and enforce these with equality and fairness.
We will provide you with everything you need to ACHIEVE.
I will ensure my son is prepared for learning each day: uniform, equipment and healthy snacks.
E I will be aware of my current level and will meet or exceed this within the next 4 weeks.
I will seek support from teachers in under performing subjects.
We will ensure your targets are fair and in line with national expectation.
We will ensure subject teachers support you to meet your minimum expectation.
I will talk to my son about his targets and what he needs to do to progress.