Home Learning

Students at Fulham College Boys’ School are expected to complete home learning across curriculum subjects, which will be checked and marked regularly. The aim is to challenge, extend and consolidate the student’s learning, independently and outside of the classroom.  This is just as important as learning in class or through projects during the school day.
Homework will be placed on Show My Homework where it can be viewed by students and by parents/ carers through their own passwords.

Each student is also given a Student Planner to help organise work and plan for deadlines. They should show this to parents/ carers each week who should sign it, as will the tutor. The student planner is a useful communication tool and it should be checked regularly for messages from teachers or important reminders.

If you would like further information or a copy of our home learning policy, please email: FCBS@fulhamcollege.net with the subject line ‘home learning’.