Fulham College Academy Trust

Fulham College is the ‘umbrella’ organisation for Fulham Cross Girls’ School on Munster Road, Fulham and, from September 2012, Fulham College Boys’ School and Fulham Enterprise Studio on Kingwood Road, Fulham.
Fulham Cross Girls’ and Fulham College Boys’ schools stand independently within the Federation, offering traditional, single-sex, classroom-based education for students aged 11-16. Fulham Enterprise Studio is a new concept. It is very much a mainstream school, suited to girls and boys of all abilities aged 16-19 who prefer a different and more ‘hands-on’ learning style.
Fulham College Federation provides the umbrella of a leadership that can share experience and resources for the benefit of all the schools.

Fulham College Federation Mission:

The Federation comprises two successful, single-sex, inclusive, multi-cultural schools at the heart of the Fulham community and, from September 2012, the innovative new Fulham Enterprise Studio. We are proud to celebrate the achievements of our learners from around the world, who bring with them different experiences, languages and beliefs.
We see the Federation as a real opportunity to give our learners the very best education. We are confident that this model will provide our stakeholders with advantages greater than those we offer as individual establishments.

Working in partnership, we will:

  • Provide our learners with a broader, stronger, more differentiated curriculum, with the capacity for more specialist provision in Science and Modern Languages.
  • Develop a Sixth Form with a full range of courses that give students the best opportunity to access the world of higher education and employment.
  • Continue to develop the extensive range of support mechanisms we have in place to address the holistic needs of every learner.
  • Provide additional opportunities for community engagement through sport, culture, and adult education.
  • Demonstrate a real commitment to the Continued Professional development of all our staff to secure the best possible outcomes for our learners.
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