On Tuesday 21st March a group of 12 Year 10 mathletes ventured to Pimlico Academy to participate in the ‘Further Mathematics Support Programme Year 10 Maths Feast’.

They competed in several Mathematic challenges ranging from a true/false round, countdown amuse-bouche round, comprehension round and a relay round.  The students were very well behaved and put 100% effort into the competition.

The competition saw 14 schools compete and each school had two or three teams of mathletes.  The College had three teams - two of which came joint 1st place in the countdown round!

We were very proud of the students' efforts, behaviour and achievements whilst there. 



A great opportunity for FCBS students to aspire to one of the world’s greatest centres of knowledge!

The University of Cambridge has long been at the forefront of research and learning, and the hallowed cloisters and spires of Trinity College painted an imposing picture. With alumni as famous as Sir Isaac Newton and Professor Stephen Hawking, the institution can boast of having the largest number of Nobel Prize winners hailing from a single British university. Six students from FCBS were fortunate enough to make the trip, which made a lasting impression on them. Nicollo, Iyad, Ciise, Oluwatomi, and Yosef began the day  by visiting Fitzwilliam College . After finally getting their heads around the notion that the university is made of constituent colleges, which differ in character, age and sometimes prestige, they were given an informative presentation about the history of the university. Fitzwilliam College hosted the group, which provided information on the requirements to be admitted to the university. Part of this task was attempting to dispel commonly held myths regarding Oxbridge, which include that you need to speak in a certain accent, or go to an independent school. Although having a track record of high academic achievement is a given, the university emphasised that there was not a Cambridge ‘type’ and that high-attaining students from any background should not be afraid of applying. The group was then provided a lovely lunch by Fitzwilliam, where our boys were able to liaise with other students from schools around London. They were joined by current students of the university who talked through the process of a successful application to Cambridge.

The afternoon consisted of a visit to Sidney Sussex, which was founded in 1596 and has the head of Oliver Cromwell buried somewhere in the vicinity of the college. This was an older college and the students had an opportunity to admire the late medieval architecture and chapel in the college. The Schools Liaison Officer at the university then proceeded to give the group a walking tour of the university which allowed students to appreciate the wider beauty of Cambridge as a city. The trip both enthused and inspired, showing our students that through the right attitude and dedication the highest of goals can be achieved. As one of our students commented that the ‘trip had a transformational effect’ on their outlook and many of the others felt greatly motivated moving forward.


FCBS’s Sporting success continues!!

After KS3 winning the Athletics, Basketball, Rowing &Table Tennis Tournaments we can proudly announce our latest victory in the 6 A-Side football competition.

Teams from NW London, West & SW London participated in the 6s knockout competition where we emerged victorious scoring an incredible 26 goals, only conceding 5 in a 7 game unbeaten streak to take the top prize.

An absolutely sensational performance from all of our players in their formidable and well deserved success.



Congratulations to the KS3 again!

KS3 Rowing Squad

KS3 Rowing Squad

The Rowing squad have powered their way through to claim another clean sweep of victories! Each School have 4 Rowers per year group, and the distance is recorded over a set period of time.  After each Rower has completed their time, all distances rowed are recorded & combined into 1 total.

Year 7

12 Competitors overall - 2 minute sprint:

  • 1st FBS 471m
  • 2nd FBS 464m
  • 3rd Fadil 460m
  • 4th Kristian 456m
  • 5th Hamit 448m
  • 6th Isa 444m
  • 7th BDA
  • 8th BDA
  • 9th BDA
  • 10th FBS
  • 11th FBS
  • 12th BDA

Combined score winners: 

  • 1st FCBS
  • 2nd Fulham Boys School
  • 3rd Burlington Danes Academy

Year 8

12 Competitors overall - 3min Sprint:

  • 1st FBS 781m
  • 2nd Hosam 770m
  • 3rd FBS 745m
  • 4th Tawheed 741m
  • 5th Patrick 738m
  • 6th BDA 726m
  • 7th Fadil  722m (Y7)
  • 8th BDA
  • 9th FBS
  • 10th FBS
  • 11th BDA
  • 12th BDA

 Combined score winners: 

  • 1st FCBS
  • 2nd Fulham Boys School
  • 3rd Burlington Danes Academy

Year 9

12 Competitors overall - 4min Sprint:

Rowing 2.jpg
  • 1st Jakub 1159m*
  • 2nd Saad 1110m
  • 3rd FBS 1021m
  • 4th Mohammed 1014m
  • 5th Mohammed J 1013m
  • 6th BDA
  • 7th BDA
  • 8th FBS
  • 9th FBS
  • 10th BDA
  • 11th FBS
  • 12th BDA

Massive congratulations to the year 9 squad unbeaten for the 3rd year in succession.

  • Both Saad and Jakub’s rows were good enough to qualify for the under 14s GB squad, Jakub’s time would have earned him a Bronze in the last Championships.
  • Both boys are of particular interest to the National Squad.
  • 2 Students from the same School….very impressive!



Congratulations to the Year 8 Football Team who had a well earned 2-1 victory in their match against Burlington Danes.  1-0 down at half time our boys started the second half with vigour and purpose, and were duly rewarded with a fantastic headed goal by Salahoudin from an Oliver corner 5 minutes in from the re-start.  10 minutes from the end of play, Santi was awarded a free kick after a surging run on the edge of the penalty area.  Oliver stepped up and struck a superb curling shot, in off the post for a well deserved FCBS win.

Year 7 Borough Athletics

Congratulations to the Year 7 athletics team who won the borough indoor athletics competition on Tuesday 24th January.

Y7 Athletics Team Jan17.jpg
  • Position            Team                                               Score
    • 1              Fulham College Boys' School         193
    • 2             Burlington Danes                             179
    • 3             Phoenix                                            165
    • 4             West London Free School              162   
    • 5             Hammersmith Academy                  150
    • 6             Fulham Boys Free School               144
    • 6             Hurlingham Academy                      144  

Highlights included:

  • Dante winning the speed bounce event with 71 jumps in 30 seconds.
  • Hunter & Isa finishing first and second in both the long jump and triple jump.

They now go on to the regional finals on the 24th February.

Inspirational Speakers

This year, the school has once again taken part in the world’s largest speaking competition for young people in the world.  Run by Speaker’s Trust and funded by the Jack Petchey Foundation, the ‘Speak Out’ challenge is a whole-day workshop which gives students an opportunity to refine and practise their speaking and listening skills.  Students were then challenged to prepare and deliver a 2-3 minute speech to the rest of the group on a topic of their choice.

Although public speaking is a difficult skill, the boys threw themselves into the task; a total of eight students were then chosen to take part in the school final: Yosef, Kenneth, Conrad, Jake, Julen, Nemr, Rami and Gabriel .

It was almost impossible to call, with the English department spending about ten minutes deliberating their verdict. Finally, they decreed that Yosef and Nemr were the overall winners, progressing to the regional final.  Well done to the boys for their outstanding effort, and we wish Yosef and Nemr all the best in the regionals!



An Unforgettable Experience at The Jewish Museum

This term, in English lessons, Year 7 students have been studying The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas.  To deepen their understanding of the complex themes in the novel and bring it to life, Ms McCormack kindly arranged to take a group of students to The Jewish Museum.  The mission of The Jewish Museum is to surprise, delight and engage all people, irrespective of background or faith, in the history, identity and culture of Jews in Britain: by inspiring discovery, provoking questions and encouraging understanding.

Their vision is of a world where cultural diversity and the contribution of minority communities are explored, valued and celebrated, for the enrichment of society as a whole.

Year 7 behaved beautifully and were really engaged by the content of the workshop during the day.  Both inspirational and heart-breaking at the same time!

Their vision is of a world where cultural diversity and the contribution of minority communities are explored, valued and celebrated, for the enrichment of society as a whole.



As part of a whole school rewards system, Year 7 students have been busy collecting signatures this term in their ACHIEVE passports.  The students that have accumulated the most signatures have been invited on an exclusive day out to Wagamama restaurant in Hammersmith.  This trip is to reward the boys for their consistent commitment to the ACHIEVE charter and being excellent examples of Fulham College Boys.

During the day, Year 7 will make smoothies, prepare a lunch and have a sit down meal at the restaurant.  Thank you to Wagamama who are providing this for the school completely free of charge!

Getting Creative in Design and Technology

During Design and Technology this term, students in Key Stage 3 have enjoyed a range of varied educational activities in their lessons. With an alternating timetable of DT and Construction lessons, students have been afforded the opportunity to create practical projects such as a Mini Jigsaw Puzzles and Pewter Casted key rings in the workshop, while also learning about Civil Engineering and famous structures across London.  Along with the Graphic Design elements in this subject, it not only gives students an introduction into the many varied career opportunities in the construction industry, it also gives them a very tangible representation of their work through their practical projects and their drawing portfolios.

The Duke of Edinburgh Awards

The Duke of Edinburgh Award scheme over the last academic year has been highly successful with 28 students completing their award at either Bronze or Silver level which is a fantastic result.

Running the award takes a huge amount of time and organisation, not just for every aspect of making sure the expeditions are safe, but the administration needed to get all 28 students to do and evidence all components of their award. 

Not to mention the many happy hours we spent putting kit away on a Sunday morning and cleaning the dried mud from off, and under, every exam table in the hall… Cherished memories… All this was down to Chris and his enthusiasm, dedication the scheme and maintaining the kit over the many years that he did it. 

Thanks for everyone who made this a success: arranging cover, access to the school site on Saturdays, driving the van plus many other things to make the scheme feasible.

NFL American Football

This term saw 54 students from year groups across FCBS and FES join 85,000 NFL fans at Wembley - it was a fantastic experience for all involved.

Students were rewarded for completing a mentoring booklet called Reward Rows - setting targets in four areas; behaviour, academic progress, community involvement, and  fitness & health. The mentoring booklet proved an enjoyable and effective task, fitting alongside and reinforcing the school's ACHIEVE agenda.

It was a fantastic, action packed day and FCBS are very grateful to Fulham Football Club and NFL team Jacksonville Jaguars for hosting us at the event.

Science workshops with Sir John Lillie Primary School

We were delighted to host Year 5 students from Sir John Lillie earlier this term.  The students were experimenting with acids and alkalis looking at different colour combinations that they could make.  The Year 5 students really enjoyed mixing the chemicals and trying to determine whether or not the combinations were acids or alkalis.

They are coming for their second visit later this week and we are all really looking forward to it.

KS3 Basketball Tournament

Congratulations to Years 7, 8 & 9 who had a convincing clean sweep of victories to reach the borough finals beating Fulham Boys and Burlington Danes respectively.

Our Y7s beat Fulham Boys School with a 17 – 2 win.  A very tidy disciplined performance in their first game followed by a 16 – 9 victory over Burlington Danes.

The combined Y8 & Y9 team beat Fulham Boys School 24 – 0 in a stylish high tempo Basketball exhibition. They were equally dominant in the second game against Burlington Danes with a final score of 22 – 2. Man of the tournament – Hunter.

Well done and congratulations Fulham College Boys!




Moving into ‘Computational Thinking’

Year 9 boys have been embracing the new Computer Science Curriculum by carrying out a number of activities to build their understanding of the use of algorithms that reflect computational thinking.

They have been learning how to decompose large problems into smaller more manageable tasks, produce an algorithm and then convert the algorithm into flowcharts.  This language is then transferable to a computer, providing a set of instructions to get it to do what they want.  Exciting stuff!  Here we can see a few of the students from 9F doing group work.  They were set the task of ‘building a tower’.